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DWS Intelligent System
DWS weighing scanning code volume measurement system
The YE+DWS intelligent system of Yueqi can complete the recording, weighing, volume measurement and other work of goods at one time, and is the issuing mechanism of the action instruction of the goods sorting system. The self-developed software system and high-precision hardware equipment ensure the high precision, high accuracy and high speed operation of the equipment.
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Mechanical turntable sorting machine
Mechanical turntable sorting machine, using a single row of independent turntable and multi narrow band combination, flexible sorting of goods at the same time, more improve the reliability of sorting, movement of fluency. The sorting machine can be designed according to customer requirements into a dish, a row of a turn, two rows of a turn. The number of turntable can be 4343 and 54545 layout, the whole mechanical structure, long life, power saving, load can drive more than 150KG. It is suitable for all types of goods of express e-commerce through sorting.
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Flexible swing arm sorting system
Yueqi flexible swing arm sorting system is the implementation of goods sorting, has the advantages of fast speed, high accuracy, small impact on goods, compact structure and so on. Modular production reduces costs and enables the consistency of parts sorted in different directions from left to right.
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Confluence machine
Confluence device adopts friction belt and coupling transmission to ensure reliable transmission, more energy saving, higher efficiency; Modular design, 2 in 1 and 3 in 1 free combination, with automatic centralization function.
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Poly edge machine
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Single separation
The system consists of multiple electromechanical technologies such as diffusion device, differential belt device, edge gathering/center device, image acquisition and analysis + motion control, etc. It is characterized by space saving, high efficiency, safety, convenient maintenance, economic and durable. The technology will greatly improve the intelligence and efficiency of automated systems for handling and sorting goods in e-commerce express warehouses.
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Standardized module conveyor
Patented rolling technology for fuselage, leg frame, side plate and support plate, fully screw connection is installed to reduce welding parts and paint baking parts. The side space of the fuselage can meet the side arrangement of power line and control line and reduce the line groove. The body of the minimum equal clearance square hole, so that the tray roller can be freely arranged installation, reduce the design workload. Special triangular reinforcing bar makes the frame become firm.
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